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Sunshine Paradise!

Those who embrace the Mystic Law will surely attain the stage of non-regression.
Art by Howard Ahner
After I was released from the hospital, I took a walk around it.
Someone from Nobeoka will someday explain this picture to me.
They took Keiko Ahner's sign down.
George saw me off at LAX. This is how I looked when I first came to live in Nobeoka, Japan.
These kids are a vague memory to me now. It's been over fifteen years.
Yudai does something for the first time.
I've met more than my share of people while living in Nobeoka, Japan.
I was on my way south through Hyuga City.
Some memories of Heisei Kindergarten...
The countryside of Kyushu is quite interesting.
These "lowered car" businesses didn't do so well in the countryside of Japan. They closed up shop.
I don't particularly care for rainy days.
The kids have their own cleaning towels in Japan for "room cleaning time."
For a sign company, they should have more attractive signs. Don't you think?
I am proud that I took my mother-in-law to America in 1997.
Does anyone remember Keiko's Animal Collection House in Igada Cho, Nobeoka?
Entering a secure area in Japan...
I regret not having taken our dog, Einstein, for enough walks. Now, I take Whitey every day.
Keiko used to work for WaiWai Television in Nobeoka as a reporter.
A drive through Kadogawa...
This bull is well known...
Our dog, Whitey gets plenty of attention.
A-Price is an import foods store. I like their American hotdogs.
I once got a little chubby. I guess I always ate everything on my plate.
This was taken on a most peculiar day.
I was just out of the hospital when this was taken. People have been fairly congenial about it.
Family members from California came to visit us in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka.
I've had that basketball backboard for 15 years now.
I finally get to be batter-up any time I want to.
Keiko paid my hospital bill with her credit card so she gets to have free coffee at Jusco.
I bet this bus has seen a lot of bridges.
We went to a restaurant that served Okonomiyaki in downtown Nobeoka.
I bought that hat at a 99 cent store or 100 Yen Store as it is known as here in Japan.
Come and study English with us here in Nobeoka, Japan!


John Meehan


Einstein Ahner

Keiko Aoyagi


Kaori, Kikuno, Mia and Keiko

Matsuyama Kouminkan, Nobeoka



I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo